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A playground is a place of great fun and activity, but children play roughly, which means they sometimes get hurt. This single-layer structure is made up of wire-free, pigmented recycled rubber and a polyurethane binder. Bonded rubber surfacing will not freeze or absorb water if proper drainage is provided, allowing play throughout the year.

Broward  County Safety Surfacing is a leading bonded rubber retailer and installer. Bonded rubber is a beautiful, smooth surface made from new, 100% recycled shredded rubber tires. Bonded rubber is a single-layer structure made entirely of recycled rubber! The fact that the volume of material and depth of the surface can be fully customized makes bonded rubber playground surfacing an ideal option for work and play areas of all sizes.

Broward County Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber

Bonded Rubber is a surface that is an alternative to conventional poured rubber surfaces. It has the same easily open one-piece surface as poured rubber but uses larger parts. It is poured on-site in a single layer scheme, giving the outdoor facility a natural look. Any project estimation is dependent on the precise amount of surface material used for each project, regardless of scale. The cost per square meter for smaller playgrounds could be more due to the limited amount of raw material needed, which may be prohibitively expensive as opposed to using plastic playground safety tiles. In general, you will want a surface area of at least 1000 square meters for wet poured rubber flooring.  Broward County Safety Surfacing will set it up for you (anywhere in the USA).

Latest Playground Technology.

The bonded rubber used by our company is the most recent playground surfacing technology. Our bonded rubber playground surface protects children from critical dropping heights on playgrounds. To avoid displacement during use, this surface is kept together with the highest quality binder. It is hand-installed and trowelled to have a resilient, seam-free look.

Shredded Tyre Rubber.

Broward  County Safety Surfacing creative surfacing products have contributed to the development of healthy playground environments in the county. Shredded tires rubber is the most recent advancement in playground surfacing construction. The material is made up of crushed recycled rubber tire material that has been coated and mixed with polyurethane binding to form a smooth surface with excellent impact attenuation.

Great Alternative.

Rubber safety surfaces are appearing in a variety of settings, from school playgrounds, daycare centers, sports arenas, and also amusement parks, dog parks, pool decks, senior centers, and water parks. Bonded rubber mulch from our company is an excellent option for customers looking for an alternative to loose-fill rubber mulch.

Very Durable.

Rubberized surfaces (also known as “bonded rubber stone” or “wet pour rubber”) are common because they are long-lasting, low-maintenance, easy to walk on ( like a spongy surface), and clean. Unlike its dirt, sand, concrete, and wood chip counterparts, this reduces the need for continuous replenishment. Bonded rubber surfacing will not freeze or absorb water if proper drainage is provided, allowing play throughout the year.

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Broward County Safety Surfacing Offer Great Surfaces.

Many customers are convinced that poured rubber surfacing for play areas is an excellent option. The material is made up of crushed recycled rubber tire material that has been coated and combined with polyurethane binding to form a smooth surface with superior impact absorption. Our certified in-house installation team custom mixes and pours our bonded rubber on-site.

Reduces Risk When Playing.

Our bonded rubber surfaces’ shock-absorbing properties will help spread the energy of a falling body or head, lowering the likelihood of life-threatening injury. The cost of your bonded rubber surface for playgrounds 1000 sq meter. can vary depending on the fall height specifications, color selections, the state of the current floor, place, and other considerations.

Very Low Maintenance.

Bonded rubber provides an aesthetically appealing and natural feel to your playground while requiring less maintenance than a poured-in-place surface. There is no need for further maintenance to level the field because the rubber accounts for landscape variations to produce an even surface. You will not be concerned as your playground surfacing project will be finished on time by trained and skilled playground surfacing installers.

We Have The Experience That You Need.

Broward County Safety Surfacing will provide our customers with a full playground surfacing installation because we have several years of building and general construction expertise. PIP surfaces are both wheelchair and walker/cane available, making them an excellent option for maximum mobility. We only stock rubber that is ADA and ASTM compatible, as well as having a long color life.

Bonded Rubber Is Ideal.

Bonded rubber, like most unitary surfaces, receives high marks for its safety characteristics. Rubber’s natural properties offer superior impact absorption and normally enable the surface to easily meet ASTM critical fall height requirements.

Many bonded rubber mulch suppliers promise that it is manufactured from organic products that do not contain chemicals & toxins that could irritate the skin of some children. Bonded rubber mulch is available in various colors, making it ideal for creating an aesthetically pleasing recreational area or playground.

Developing Bonded Rubber Mulch For Playgrounds.

Bonded rubber mulch is the least difficult to mount of the playground surfacing options. Professionals will install it quickly. Professional installers will normally complete a playground in around one day, depending on its size.

Bonded Rubber Price.

The cost of bonded rubber can vary depending on your needs. We will modify specifications to meet your budget and needs. The cost of bonded rubber varies depending on a variety of factors, including the size of the field, the location, and the depth required. When covering a larger area, the concentrations of rubberized shreds would be smaller than when covering a small area.

Bound rubberized chipping floors are made from discarded car tires and are often used in play areas. The rubber is crumbled into little pieces that resemble wooden shreds in shape. We would then glue all these chips together and place them on top of a floor. This type of surfacing may be installed in children’s play areas and other outdoor areas.