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Safety Surfacing Services

Rubber pour-in-place safety surfacing, synthetic turf, and bonded rubber are examples of unitary playground surfaces that are flat, seamless, and uniform. Best Safety Surfacing Company in Hollywood, Florida (FL) mounts bonded rubber and poured in place rubber, which are usually more costly than loose-fill materials. These components, on the other hand, require much less maintenance than loose-fill material. Unitary surfaces, contrary to loose-fill surfacing, remain in place and are not knocked out at the bottom of slide escapes or under swings.

Hollywood FL-Broward County Safety Surfacing

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Our rubber playground surface content can be customized in terms of width, color, form, and style. When wet, our substance is skid-resistant, similar to a bathmat, making rubber safety surfacing ideal for wet deck applications. Our poured-in-place solutions are simple to set up and adapt to every playground. Best Safety Surfacing Company in Hollywood, Florida (FL) rubber surfacing has been used in a number of residential and commercial applications, including recreation centers, indoor/outdoor swimming pool decks, and water parks.

Bonded Rubber

One of the most durable and cost-effective surface solutions available today is bonded rubber. This rubber can be used to make any shapes or patterns that you like! The industrial playground equipment built in combination with the pavement will have to meet the vital fall height specifications of the 100% recycled bonded rubber flooring.

Rubber Tiles

Our rubber tile was created with the aim of reducing the possibility of severe injuries from falling from playground equipment. Commercial gyms and indoor exercise spaces, for example, require thicker mats, which are particularly important in weight rooms.

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