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Every parent or guardian is concerned about the safety and well-being of their children.  Kids are innocent and they do not grasp the dangers around them.  What they want is to have fun and play regardless of where they are.  Most schools and public facilities including even home playgrounds have now come to the attention of realizing the benefits of rubber flooring.  Broward County Safety Surfacing installs playground safety surfacing for a considerable amount and here are some of the benefits associated with the playing ground.

Broward County Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

Children are very bouncy and you need a floor that can withstand and apprehend the activities and the heavy foot traffic. Rubber tiles are suitable and ideal for you in that it requires minimal preparation in installation. It also saves on costs preventing you from digging deep into your wallet, enabling you to save. Rubber tiles are durable in that they take long before showing any signs of wearing and tearing.

Rubber tile is resistant to weather conditions. The playground can withstand harsh environmental factors without wearing out. Rubber tile is water-resistant, making it to be in its normal physical state during rainy seasons.    Also   in summer, it withstands the UV rays and does not crack or peel out.  You can just imagine that after being exposed to environmental factors the surface still looks incredible. Another important advantage is that the rubber surface is also slip resistant.

Rubber tile safety surfaces are springy in that they limit injuries when children fall. The material used is adaptable to movement while affecting the resistance, and has an extra cushion which absorbs impact during children vigorous play. The possibility of children getting injured or any other risk associated with playing accidents is minimized. Also, High-fall risk is reduced as the surface prevents them from the impact making them to play freely without any fear.

This is a grand feature that comes in with the rubber tiles especially when the playground is in the dense residential region. It has the quality of minimizing noise made by children when playing due to the fact that it    absorbs noise. This property significantly reduces the amount of noise. Children can now play generously without disturbing the occupants of the same residence. The rubber surface is an excellent noise canceller. This is because the surface absorbs echo reducing noise transmission.

Rubber tiles are manufactured using truck tires thus conserving the environment. It beautifies the land as the raw material provides the essence of the environment due to its color. Recycling these old unused tires into rubber tiles safeguards the environment as degradation is no longer the case. Also, when the children are playing in the Playground Safety Surfacing, they familiarize themselves with the environment and they end up conserving it.

Safety is the main concern when kids are playing on playgrounds, as unintentional falls are common. So, one must ensure that kids fall on soft ground to prevent any serious injuries or accidents. It’s because hard surfaces can cause serious damage to the kids playing, which may lead to dangerous outcomes.

Playground safety surfacing material is mostly made up of 100% pure rubber or an approved material that is installed underneath the equipment or on the ground, specially designed to provide protection to children. As this is 100% pure, this is free from any chemicals or contaminants, preventing any infection or allergy to children or people with sensitive skin.

Broward County Safety Surfacing is well known for providing the best services all over the country. Our company has provided safety surfacing services for several years now and is experienced in its work. Reach us now to get top-quality safety surfacing services.

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Commonly used materials

Poured Rubber or PIP Rubber

Poured rubber is a 2-layered system with a typical thickness range of 1-3/4” to 5-1/2”. It is the most commonly used playground surfacing for providing safety to children. This surfacing provides a cushion-like surface for falling, and its soft surface makes it best suitable for walking as well as for playing.

Poured rubber is made from recycled or synthetic rubber, which means this is free from any harmful chemicals which may stick to hair, body, or eyes and affect children. This is IPEMA certified and meets the safety-critical fall height up to 13 feet. Poured rubber is durable and soft, and can last up to 10 years minimum. It doesn’t support the growth of weeds or plants, which further protects the child from infection.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf gives a natural look like grass. This requires low maintenance as it doesn’t require any trimming or irrigation, unlike natural grass. Further, it is soft and protects when a child falls or lands, making it a suitable playground surfacing. This is durable and provides safety to children, and reduces the risk of injuries, unlike natural grass.

Synthetic turf requires low maintenance as it doesn’t require water for its growth and saves 50,000 gallons of water per week on average. This is safe for children and pets as it doesn’t require any fertilizers or pesticides for its growth. It doesn’t grow or spread. It remains green all year round, unlike natural grass, as it doesn’t require sunlight for its growth.

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Broward County Safety Surfacing provides different types of safety surfacing all over the country. Our company has hired certified professionals who look into minor as well as major corrections. We always believe in customer satisfaction and work according to their needs and requirements. Our employees are hardworking and work with accuracy to come out with the best results. We use top-quality materials for all types of surfacing to avoid any difficulty or inconvenience in future years. Our experts always look after the safety of our customers during installation to avoid any nuisance afterward. So, if you want the best safety surfacing services, book your quotes now.